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Official site: oz34skvzboobohuc.onion


First plan
Price: 0.01843 ฿

  • power 30 KH/s
  • repayment 3-4 months
  • estimated percentage per month: 31%

Second plan
Price: 0.09213  ฿

  • power 160 KH/s
  • repayment 3-4 months
  • estimated percentage per month: 33%

Third plan
Price: 0.1842  ฿

  • power 320 KH/s
  • repayment 2-3 months
  • estimated percentage per month: 35%

Fourth plan
Price: 0.3685 ฿

  • power 700 KH/s
  • repayment 2-3 months
  • estimated percentage per month: 38%

Fifth plan
Price: 2.375 ฿

  • power 5600 KH/s
  • repayment 2-3 months
  • estimated percentage per month: 45.5%


1 - When you begin to mine? It's like?

A: about 24 to 72 hours mining starts. This process occurs automatically.


2 - How will I get paid? How it's done? How long do I get?

A: The payment will be made at the address you deposited the bitcoins. All payments are being made manually. You will receive your payments every month if your balance exceeds 3.50 dollars. (If not, you will be paid the next day, if you reach this value.)


3 - How do I know this is not a fraud / ponzi?

A: I left the tag's public address, so you can see the blockchain the address I make the payment transactions. We outsource a mining service that exists in Switzerland, called FromtMine. (Just search to find the results in the surface)


4 - If the mining site disappear what happens?

A: We do not share to you all percentage and profits for the mining, we take 3%, 1% of mining are for our employees, 2% are saved so that mSQL such a problem, we can repay most users and / or hire other mining service.


5 - If this site go bankrupt or disappear, what should I do?

A: Do not panic, our purpose was never steal, we will not go away if the site exit air notify us via email to know the new address if it is to end the mining, we will ask refund FromtMiner and We consign to all of you who invested less than $ 100 received at least up to 85% of the amount invested, who invested above that received 98% of the amount invested guaranteed. If the short site, and lese we are not responsible for the loss of anyone, including our own, but we will use our funds reserves to pay most of the users who most invested.


6 - I lost my address, what to do?

A: If you lost the address on receiving the bitcoins payments, try to communicate with us through our email as soon as possible.


7 - Do you have any kind of contract?

A: No, but we leave here warned that after your payment 7 can close your plan, and you will have reinvesitir.


8 - Can I have my money back if I do not like something?

A: The answer is no, or not for now, only refund if we close, and there returned at all.


9 - Can I send a different value of the plans?

A: Of course it can, provided it is not less than $ 10 you can send any amount, and received the corresponding percentage of the amount sent. The maximum limit of sending there, but I recommend you do not send more than 5 BTC.


10 - I have other doubts that was not addressed here what to do?

A: We provide all assistance through our email, but do not spam, and much less roll in.


11 - I'm afraid to invest and be stolen how to proceed?

A: We do not know how we can help you, give you the hint that is, expect someone to invest, someone puddle throw money away, and stay tuned to the official payment address of the site. Just below the FAQ has our bitcoin address.


12 - Do you have plans to use the surface web for your services?

A: Yes, we do, even now we are a team of programmers developing our site, fixing vulnerabilities, so the system is fully automatic, thus making the ability of most users to see.


13 - Can I join your team?

A: The response time is not.


14 - How do I know this is not a clone of the original site?

A: Search and inquire here in DeepWeb what's more is that, so be careful.


Always remain watchful on the site. We can change here at any time.



Buy / Deposit

Deposit address: 1DK2Q1oJyUd5FcdjBktN3gTxwLkxfP7E4t


Minimum deposit: $ 10. (If you placed a value below, please quickly contact)
Maximum: No limit.


You will be paid monthly by the same address as paid, however, to be paid at another address, please entar contact our email before paying explaining everything.


Payments will be made through this address: 1QAU4bPhDn6j213m6d9cFKg2ZEQs4RK9sv

How to pay? Just down the page.